Merry Geeky Christmas


Short and sweet. Merry Xmas everyone! Hope you got all the geeky stuff you wanted, and spent time with loved ones. More content to come in the new year. Have a happy rest of 2012. The world didn’t end, so make the most of it.

The Offspring: Days Go By Review

Days Go By

I love me some Offspring. My childhood was sporadic where music was concerned. I was always surrounded by my parents music; classic rock, soft pop, things like Eagles and Neil Diamond. I was exposed to 80′s hair metal with MTV’s early years, but the first time I got into “my own” music was with M.C. Continue Reading

Brace yourself, gray area is coming: Game of Thrones

Insert a thousand "brace yourselves" jokes.

No, this post is not about Fifty Shades of Grey. A few weeks ago I posted about Mad Men, and in it I noted that the vast majority of characters were total jerks. No good at all. I told them not to give me black and try to pass it off as gray. Enter Game Continue Reading

What is the future of video games? I know a secret…

The Future

I read an IGN PS3 headline called EA’s Peter Moore: Free-to-Play is an “Inevitability” and had an immediate reaction. I know who Peter Moore is. The Peter Moore in my head is not the “cool” Peter Moore who announced GTA IV for XBox 360 by rolling up his sleeve to show a GTA tattoo. The Continue Reading

Big Things have Small Beginnings: Prometheus Review


So there is this prequel to Alien out in theaters. Have you heard of it? It’s called Prometheus. Of course you have. Ridley Scott released Alien in 1979, the year I was born. From what I can tell not only did he launch a new sub-genre of horror film, but he launched a franchise. The Continue Reading